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Historic Estate Auction

Sunday, November 10, 2019

21716 Ferry Rd SE, Stayton OR 97383

(Mehama area)

Auction 10 a.m., Preview 8 a.m.

More photos posted November 7 and a few items added to the list.
Toyota Solera convertible photos posted October 30.
More photos posted October 29.

1976 Toyota Chinook Motorhome 99,000 on speedometer.  Last licensed in 2005.
Cast iron bathtub with ball AND claw feet.
Beautiful hanging lamp.
See photos below.
(Read about the family’s history on this page below the photos.)

The family has lived on this property continuously for around 120 years.  Some items that were moved in 120 years ago may still be in the attic and cellar. Besides being the family home between the 1890s and 1930s, the building housed a pharmacy, a dry goods store, a cobbler, and a post office. Some items remain from each of these businesses.

There will be hundreds of flats of antiques, collectables, vintage, and household.

1976 Toyota Chinook Motorhome 99,000 on speedometer.  Last licensed in 2005.
Cast iron bathtub with ball AND claw feet.
Beautiful hanging lamp.

2001 Toyota Solara convertible; 1976 Toyota Chinook mini motorhome; Antique carved wooden cat; Men's shaving collectibles... Razors, straight razors, etc; Apothecary pharmacy jars; Lots of antique bottles; Shoe cobblers; Antique Loom-neat graphics; Stacks of vintage unused rugs made with this antique loom; Antique quilts; Antique spice box from Mehama; Match tin Mehama advertising;
Vintage weenie roaster forks; Old marbles; Pocket knives; Cool old meat cleaver; Vintage bee keeping; 2 electric fireplaces; Copper boiler; Few canning pots; Tons of canning jars; Old mason, ball, and Kerr jars; Numerous old axes; Vintage metal wire rope sign; Vintage Montague fly rod and case; Vintage puzzles; Big "coffin" blanket chest; Smaller blanket chest; Vintage games; 2 spiral wrought iron plant stands; Few sad irons; Old pottery crocks; Metal garden table and 2 chairs; Old water hand pump; Huge antique bell with cross; Wooden porch swing; Wooden church pew; Lots and lots of garden tools; Bridge lamp; Few vintage radios; Series of Billy Whiskers books; Tons of antique books; Lots of pots and pans some with copper bottoms; Cast iron pans including Griswold griddle;
Vintage tea cups and saucers; Vintage plates; Antique pickle jar; Wooden coffee grinder; 2 antique scales; Wonder horse; Ship TV lamp; Antique bed frames with springs; Bakers rack; Large vintage plush Santa; Antique baby walkers; Beatles bobbleheads; Antique cider press; Vintage Viewmaster with reels; Aladdin oil lamp; Antique organ; Green depression glass; Old wooden rolling pins + 1 glass; Lots of old kitchen utensils; Bottle cappers; Lots of square glass Hoosier jars; Vintage wooden highchair; Wood Framed wire baskets (mail baskets?); Western flyer bicycle with split seat; Husquvarna lawn mower; Electric cub cadet mower; Weedeater; Tools; Chainsaw; Small nail keg; 2 10-ton porta powers; Hydraulic jacks; Costume jewelry; Couple dressers; Collection of vintage tavern brand holiday candles; TVs; Round wooden dining table.

2001 Toyota Solera convertible
2001 Toyota Solera convertible
2001 Toyota Solera convertible

Mulkey family history

Rev. William Mulkey was born between 1800 and 1820.  He was a Baptist Minister and had two wives, Anna Prater and Lucy Clemmons.  Said to have had 24 children, Six Sons and Six Daughters by each wife.  Among his children were Martha, Polly, Lizzie, Susan, William Posey Mulkey, Leander Mulkey, Jacob Mulkey, David Mulkey, Columbus Mulkey,  Caleb C.(Doc) Mulkey. Not sure where Rev. William Mulkey ministered but somewhere in the Georgia-Carolinas-Tennessee region.  

Caleb C. (Doc) Mulkey was born in 1848 in Ducktown, Tennessee and married Martha Jane Sims on July 22, 1866 was the oldest son of Rev. William Mulkey.  William Posey Mulkey also born in Ducktown, Tennessee on June 6, 1867.  Columbus Andrew Mulkey was born in Rome, Georgia on June 16, 1875.  

In 1867, Caleb C. (Doc) Mulkey lived near Ducktown.  When William Posey Mulkey was born.  In 1873, Caleb moved his family to Georgia where he worked in the copper smelters.  In 1880 they moved to Texas to where he worked on the railroad and then moved to Colorado in 1882 to work in the mines.  In late 1889 he again moved his family to Mehama, Oregon in search of fertile farm land.  The other brothers; William Posey Mulkey and Columbus Andrew Mulkey soon joined their older brother in Mehama, Oregon.  

William Posey Mulkey was the most unforgettable brother of the three.  His first job was when he was six years old, yielded him five cents for two days work, holding sheep by their heads while they were being sheered.  When he was 15 years old, he cooked for eight men at a mining camp.  After William moved to Oregon in the early 1890's;  the brothers built and operated the first saw mill in Mehama Oregon located on Stout Creek. On his first day at the saw mill,   he worked for just a half day when he lost his leg.  For the rest of his life this talented and courageous man made his own wooden legs.  William Posey was a cabinet maker, carpenter,  blacksmith, prospector, butcher and he made a few caskets for children.  He was a news agent (on trains) when he was young.  He was a wagon wheel maker, miner, shoe repairman, and he owned a "Fix it Shop" in Mehama.  He owned and operated a photo studio, and took pictures of beauty spots, and places of interest in and around the country.  His pictures appeared on what was called "Penny Postcards".  
William Posey Mulkey was Justice of the Peace for over 40 years, and was a Notary public for nearly as long.  He was school teacher for the only school in town (Mehama School) for which he donated the land.  This school still stands today and is now a community center for Mehama.   He was an elder is the Mehama Church for which he also donated the land and helped build the first Church and the current Church which still also stands today.  William Posey Mulkey delivered more than a dozen children, including a set of twins.  He was observer of the U.S. Weather Bureau and Geological Survey approximately 39 years.  There were so many things this talented man could and did do.  He was a Godly man and he lived the Golden Rule.  He was compassionate and no one got a bad break when dealing with him.   

William Posy Mulkey married Clara Rebecca Stout on December 23, 1897 and his brother Columbus married Clara's sister, Mary Elizabeth Stout. 
William Posey Mulkey and Clara Rebecca Stout had five children.  The first of them being Meral Jean born 1869, Lawrence Ivan born 1901, Elisabeth Jane on 1904, William Theodore in 1906 and Claraedna in 1910. When the children started to come along, William built, what was to be a temporary
structure to house his family. In approximately 1870;  but with the arrival of Lawrence it soon became the family home and Williams place of business.  He was a clerk in his Store which housed the Grocery Store, the Blacksmith, Shoe Cobbler, Pharmacy, Livery as well as the Post Office. 

After over 120 years, this property still stands on Ferry Road in Mehama and remains in the family which has  housed more than 4 generations of the decendents of William Posey Mulkey and Clara Rebecca Stout. On November 10, 2019, the family is holding an Auction of goods accumulated over the past 120 years.  Viewing begins at 8:00 a.m. with the Bidding promptly beginning at 10:00 a.m.