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Feature Description Rates per Month
Call Waiting Call Waiting will alert you of an incoming call while you are on the phone. Never miss important or revenue producing calls. One line becomes two without doubling the cost. When you have an incoming call while you are already on the line, Call Waiting will alert you with a special tone that another party is attempting to call you. You can put the first caller on hold while you catch your second caller. $2.00
Cancel Call Waiting (*70) A deactivation feature for Call Waiting that allows you to continue your important calls, out-going faxes, Internet activity and e-mail transmissions without interruption. No Charge
Call Forwarding (*72) Important phone calls can follow you wherever you go. By transferring your calls to another number, you can be reached anywhere. $2.00
Call Forward Remote Activation This feature will give the subscriber with Call Forwarding the ability to activate, change or deactivate their Call Forwarding service while away from their phone. $2.00
3-Way Calling lets you turn a two-way phone call into a three-way conversation. Busy people can save time while planning events or making important decisions over the phone. You and two other people can conference at the same time. $2.00
Speed Calling 8 (*74) Turn your touchtone phone into a phone with memory. If you don't have a phone with built-in-memory, this feature makes all of your phones perform like one. Store up to eight of your most frequently called numbers. Use a one-digit code number to dial your calls. Your telephone remembers the telephone numbers for you. This feature is very helpful for children and seniors. $2.00
Speed Calling 30 (*75) Speed Calling 30 allows you to store 30 numbers you dial most often. Use a two-digit code number to dial your calls. $4.00
Make Set Busy (*84) There are times when you don't feel like answering the phone. This feature allows your telephone number to be made busy to all incoming calls. A momentary ringing will be heard when someone tries to call as a reminder that the Make Set Busy feature is active. No Charge
Automatic Call Back (*66) This is a way to get around those pesky busy signals! If you encounter a busy line, you can press this code into your phone and hang up. Your line then automatically redials the busy number for you then alerts you when the number is free. $2.00
Automatic Recall (*69) Last Call Return This feature allows you to automatically dial the number of your last incoming call, whether you answer it or not. Now you don't have to wonder who called you when you were unable to answer the call. $2.00
Selective Call Acceptance (*64) Avoid a Call With this feature, only your "important" calls can ring through to your number. By creating a list of numbers that you will accept, you are able to avoid all unwanted calls. Those callers who are not on your list will be notified by an announcement (or fast busy signal) that you are not accepting calls at this time. $2.00
Selective Call Rejection (*60) Call Block. If you are plagued with harassment calls or persistent hang ups, this feature allows you to create a selective list of numbers that you want to block. When someone on that list tries to call you, they are notified by an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time or the caller may hear a fast busy signal. $2.00
Anonymous Call Rejection (*77) This feature makes it possible to prevent telephone numbers with the line block feature from ringing your telephone. When the feature is activated, the blocked caller is is notified that you do not accept calls from blocked numbers. The caller also receives voice instructions on how to unblock his/her number so the call will be accepted. $2.00
Authorized Calling Restricts long-distance calling, however it does provide a four-digit authorization code that enables select people with the code to bypass the restricting block. $7.00
Line Block With Line Block, telephone calls originating from your telephone number, except calls to 800 or 900 numbers, will not appear on Caller ID equipment. No Charge
Call Blocking This feature prevents your telephone number from being displayed to the person receiving your call. $2.00
900 Block 900 Block restricts your telephone from dialing 900 numbers. No Charge
Toll Denial Toll Denial restricts all long-distance call from being placed directly from your phone. $7.00
Selective Call Forwarding With Selective Call Forwarding, you can forward callers from your personal list of selected numbers to another number. You can put up to 12 numbers on your list and change them at any time you wish. $2.00

Not all other telephone companies support the Star (*) features. Operating instructions for these features can be found in the Santiam Valley Directory. Many features have incorporated easy-to-follow recorded voice instructions that can be heard when the feature is activated.

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